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Empirical Solutions Corporation is seeking qualified and motivated individuals to be a part of our team. If you have experience in simulation engineering, systems analysis, statistical modeling, manufacturing engineering, 6-Sigma or Lean implementation and meet the requirements below, please send your resume to jobs@ESConline.net.

All materials will be kept in confidence. Empirical Solutions Corporation is an equal opportunities employer.


Senior Consultant

Job Duties: Develop and implement systems analysis strategies that leverage computer aided engineering tools to provide quantitative data to guide system optimization. Activities include problem scope definition, data acquisition, statistical data analysis, process modeling, analysis of model outputs and presentation of findings and recommendations to clients.

Requirements: Bachelor or Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and/or Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Minimum of 5 years of experience in related field.

Simulation Engineer

Job Duties: Develop simulation models that support the analysis and optimization of system design. Activities include data acquisition and statistical analysis, simulation modeling and analysis of model outputs.

Requirements: Minimum Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Research and/or Manufacturing Systems Engineering, a simulation class or knowledge of a simulation language, statistics in a college curriculum.

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